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The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Economic Development and Cooperation (SECO) implements the law on tariff preferences and seeks new distribution channels in Europe by way of the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO). Trade between developing or transition countries and industrialised countries is still insufficiently developed. The easing of market entry for products from disadvantaged countries contributes significantly to the promotion of trade, the increase of export revenues and thus also the economic development of partner countries. SIPPO’s challenge is identifying market ready SMEs with high-quality products to benefit from market access services to Europe.


Afri-Trade was appointed as national partner for the identification and assessment of producersand processors from the Fruit & Vegetable, Fish & Sea Food and Natural Ingredients sector across South Africa. Afri-Trade advocated the SIPPO programme at various public occasions, like workshops and conferences, where they maintained and build new key stakeholder relationships. Further, Afri-Trade organised buyer missions, where European buyers arrived in South Africa to visit an individualised selection of companies at their production site.


Identified more than 350 companies within the Food, Beverage and Ingredients sector to benefit from SIPPO market access services. Visited and assessed numerous companies at their production site according a strict set of criteria. Formed new relationships with various Business Support Organisations to join efforts in facilitating export capacities and employment opportunities. Organised buyer missions across South Africa according to individual buyer requirements concluding market access agreements with several companies.

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