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In 2011, the South African Government signed a Green Economy Accord which focuses primarily on new prospects for economic activity that arise from climate change. The UNEP Green Economy – Trade Opportunities Project identifies, assesses and informs sustainable opportunities arising from the transition to a Green Economy at global and country specific level. Project activities aim to enable stakeholders to harness identified trade opportunities, and thereby advance a shift of trade patterns towards sustainable products and practices.


UNEP appointed the Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa (as national project partner for South Africa. Due to expertise in organic agriculture, Afri-Trade was contracted for the conceptualisation and development of the GE-TOP Study South Africa, including global organic market research and benefits for South Africa’s economy, environment and society. Afri-Trade further conducted an international stakeholder analysis, developed of a sector engagement strategy, and organised Multilevel Stakeholder workshops.


A country study about challenges and opportunities for organic agriculture in South Africa. Identified and engaged with over 300 Multilevel Stakeholders with an active interest in the organic agriculture and agro-processing sector. Organised stakeholder workshops in Pretoria and in Cape Town including key government and industry representatives. Executed a study release event in Pretoria where key results were published to Business, Government, Donor Organisations and Media.

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