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As part of their international growth strategy, a European Trade Fair Company aimed to attract more African producers and manufacturers across a variety of sectors to participate at various A-level trade shows in Germany. The Trade Fair companies’ database was outdated and did not accommodate their eCRM activities.


Afri-Trade conducted a detailed market analysis and identified key players Southern Africa (SADC countries) within the following industries, Floor Coverings, IT & Digital Business Network Solutions, Industrial Automation & Environmental Engineering, Forestry Technology, Intralogistics, and Biotechnology. A new dataset was developed and contained more detailed information to unlock direct communication, marketing and sales opportunities.


Identified over 3200 role players in the region who would be interested in being a visitor or exhibitor at specialised trade fairs in Germany. The new data set was integrated into the eCRM system to allow for customised and industry specific communication. This led to a substantial increase of tickets and trade fair booths in the short term.

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