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65 Rose Street, Cape Town, South Africa | +27 (0)21 300 1855


Afri-Trade has proven a motivated, reliable and competent partner, who managed and completed multiple tasks accurately and within agreed timelines. In case of sensitive information, Afri-Trade maintained the confidentiality and discretion that was expected. Based on our experience, we can recommend working with Afri-Trade.
Anja von Moltke, Head of Trade, Policy and Planning, United Nations Environment Programme


Afri Trade was appointed as National Partner in South Africa for the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) on behalf of Switzerland Global Enterprise, especially the sectors Natural Ingredients, Fruit & Vegetables, and Fish & Seafood.

Our collaboration with Afri Trade has always been satisfactory and we can recommend their services which were enriching to our program due to profound know how and network.

Afri Trade was appointed as Consultant and Representative in South Africa to maintain our FMCG clients’ interests in the region.
Afri-Trade’s country expertise has allowed our organization to better understand the relevant conditions across South Africa. Through their structured research and solid professional network across industry and government, they helped us to identify market-ready companies with attractive products to benefit from market access services to the UK and EU. Further, Afri-Trade helped our clients to sustain and generate new income streams through opening up new sales channels. Afri-Trade is respected by our colleagues, clients, stakeholders and management, and we can highly recommend working with Afri-Trade.

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